PITAGORAS is a didactic tool that focuses on mental calculation. We believe that developing the ability and consequently the habit of mental calculation not only helps whenever you need to calculate something, even in written form, but in general helps acquire the sense of number. Mental calculation is therefore useful both in didactic environments, for example to check the result if the calculation was performed in another way or to estimate an order of magnitude, and in everyday life, on all occasions when quantitative reasoning is required. PITAGORAS uses the completion of a “pyramid” as its main technique: we will explain how this works in detail later, anticipating for now that each brick contains a number and that you go from one level to the upper one by performing an operation. In certain contexts, this structure can be funnier and richer than usual computation, as we will see later. In particular, it implies the idea of inverse operation and can be useful as an implicit introduction to the concept of an equation.

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Pitagora of Samos