BUL is an educational path that can be useful as a first approach to mathematical reasoning and logic. The latter does not always find the right place in primary school curricula. However, logic is at the basis of mathematical and scientific thinking and is also deeply linked to linguistic aspects. Therefore, we are convinced that logic, even in its first formal aspects, can promote a conscious development of rational thought. The proposed path follows the usual approach to propositional logic, also with the presence of formal symbols. At first sight, logical symbols may seem exaggerated in this context, but we believe that, with due caution, not only can children be intrigued by the use of “strange symbols”, but that this will also help to clarify the meaning of words that are used in a non-uniform way in everyday language - such as the conjunctions “and” and “or”.
Various activities are proposed below which are suggested to be carried out in order: for each activity the places where it takes place, the necessary materials and the time are indicated. One of the main ideas of the path is the use of the characters of villains - who always lie - and knights - who always tell the truth. This idea is taken from the great Raymond Smullyan .

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George Boole